Belltown: The Hidden Gem of the 9-5

Belltown has so many layers to its character, from the architecture to the people to the locally owned businesses of Pike Place Market. Read on to learn more about what it is like to work on the edge of downtown.

The Intersection of Old & New

Seattle is unique. I believe it is the most beautiful city a person can live; with evergreens, cobblestones, Art Deco, mountains, and rain that keeps the city fresh, we are the luckiest people in America. Seattle is home to one of the largest houseless populations in this country, and the wealthiest people in the world. It is the intersection of wealth disparity and opportunity. Belltown is a place where this intersection so distinctly exists.

Evan Clifthorne, of Rise Up Belltown, is a member of our space who is championing affordability and community engagement in the neighborhood of Belltown. He is always a fantastic reminder of why it is important to build relationships with your neighbors. The community is growing so fast, and we want to maintain that character despite the increase in density. Anyone could bridge the gap between all walks of life in Belltown by simply introducing yourself next time you’re at your favorite happy hour spot.

Coming Home to Work

When you walk along the bustling storefronts, bars, and restaurants on 1st and 2nd, Belltown feels like a lively neighborhood. The community is steps from downtown and walking distance from the shiny new buildings of South Lake Union, but it has its own unique character. The buildings have a historic charm and the people who you see on the sidewalk come from all walks of life.

Working in Belltown doesn’t feel like a downtown commute. It feels like coming home to work. Belltown has some of the highest level of transit accessibility in all of Washington; there’s access to almost every bus line, and it’s steps from the light rail. In a place that is full of nightlife, a rich punk scene, and your neighborhood haunts, the morning doesn’t feel deserted. When you find the coffee shop that suits your style, the baristas learn your name because regulars are treated like part of the neighborhood community.

When you find the coffee shop that suits your style, the baristas learn your name because regulars are treated like part of the neighborhood community.

The Charm of Pike Place Market

Working a block away, I wish that Seattleites would see the Market for what it truly is: local vendors and artisans who have a passion for sharing their craft. There is so much energy watching tourists taste the wild caught smoked salmon, sample the delicious local fruits, and walk out to the Marketfront to take in the glory that is Rainier on a clear day. On the other hand, Pike Place isn’t just for out of town visitors, but a piece of old Seattle that still remains.

By being a regular, when the Market vendors see a familiar face getting their groceries or picking up lunch, you are greeted with a bright smile. You are supporting that small locally owned business, and they appreciate it. My favorite time to go to the Market is right before 8 am on the way into Makers when the crowds haven’t arrived yet, and the Piroshky is fresh from the oven. It has that European character where you feel a part of something bigger.