Striving for Equity One Step at a Time

We strive to have a workspace where people can bring their whole selves to work. Always challenged to do better, and build a community that is transparent, welcoming, and open-minded, we are making small steps for inclusivity every day. Therefore, we are excited to announce, during the month of June, known as Pride Month, we have been working to make a few changes:

  1. Create a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

  2. Utilize the Task Force to create a change with our bathroom signage. 

We have been moved by our members who have volunteered to participate in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, named to represent that we mean business. We have met as a group, voted, and made decisions together so that we aren’t making changes for our space in a vacuum.

Our current infrastructure indicates “M” and “W” signage on our bathroom doors, forcing gender fluid and gender non-binary humans to make a choice that may not be in line with who they are. We believe this is an unfair decision, which may leave some community members and guests to leave part of their identities at our doors. While we begin a major upgrade to our space, we are making a bathroom signage upgrade now.

This step towards equity will be individualizing our “M” labelled door by adding a bench and a baby changing table, and renaming/reutilizing it to be “All Gender Single Occupant Restroom”. This change will open up our facilities to host parents to be able to have an additional area to pump, as well as attend to their infants. Our “W” labelled door will remain unlocked, with two private locking stalls, open to any human, and we will be renaming/reutiizing it “All Gender Multi-Occupant Restroom”.  

We are partnering with local artist and Seattle Pacific University Alumnus, Erin Miller, to create illustrations representing varying identities. While we recognize that every human is unique, and it would be impossible to represent every identity, we hope that the spirit of human diversity will be recognized for this hallway mural. 


Mock-Up by Erin Miller