Working for a Coworking Space - An Insider’s Story on Why They Work


Like many of you out there, I am not originally from Seattle. In the past year alone, I have moved across the country, gotten engaged, switched careers, had 2 jobs, and had to start all over. Coming to a new place with no job or friends is tough, but it’s things like this that we sacrifice in hope of a better future for ourselves in a new place.

Hailing all the way from Texas, my fiancé and I came to the Pacific North West in hope of finding success in our careers and a real sense of belonging that we hadn’t quite felt at home.

The first job I had in Seattle was remote. My fiancé and I both worked from home, and I immediately recognized the reality that is remote working. At first, it was great, until I realized that I had zero motivation, felt myself falling asleep at my computer, and hadn’t changed out of the same pair of sweat pants for 5 days straight (did I shower? Who knows?). This remote job wasn’t fulfilling my usual, driven self. My remote job was full of robotic relationships with people who could really have cared less about me. On top of that, I had made zero new connections and found no community to help make Seattle feel like home. As great as my fiancé and cats are, they weren’t cutting it for this entangled introvert/extrovert. 

After discovering that working from home was not for me, I opened myself up for different opportunities all over Seattle. As a budding designer, it can be hard to find yourself in such a tech town like Seattle. Low and behold I stumbled upon Makers Workspaces. I walked into a coworking space for the first time to test for a dog-walking service and left feeling inspired. I had such good feelings radiating throughout my experience and from the vibe at Makers, that I immediately searched for their website to see if they were hiring for any kind of position. It was meant to be. A month later, I was their new community lead and eventually grew into a marketing and design position! Since then, I’ve learned so much about the community of freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Because of my understanding and appreciation for what they were all going through, it’s been an easy conversation to have. I truly believe in and advocate the coworking environment and the changes it can bring about! It’s cool to be able to listen to our members’ needs and have the power to do something about it. In this, I have not only gained amazing insight, but also a diversity of new, genuine connections that have finally started to make Seattle feel like home.

So if your curious about coworking spaces, take a leap of faith! You never know where your inspiration can spark from or who you might meet to shake up the game.