Poeta Digital, a software development company, share why MAKERS works for their business.


Sven, Program Manager


Yoi, Software Architect


Ben, CEO of Poeta Digital


“MAKERS is laid back, relaxing, and warm. You know, you walk in and people say ‘hi.’ Everyone here is happy to see you and you are happy to see them."                           - Ben, CEO, Poeta Digital

“You feel connected to the neighborhood. It makes the business feel bigger. I like the happy hours. I get to learn what other people are doing and I made some friends out of it!” - Sven, Program Manager, Poeta Digital

“MAKERS has very wide and open spaces. It’s not like going into an elevator and being distracted and enclosed. You walk in and it’s bright! Plus, coffee and donuts are great benefits!” - Yoi, Software Architect, Poeta Digital


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“I had an office in Japan where I was completely isolated. Here at MAKERS, the coworking place is nice. You are not alone. You still have this small, tiny team, but you don’t feel isolated because of that.” - Yoi, Software Architect, Poeta Digital

“Many clients come and meet with us and presentation is important. This is our office and our bigger clients want the space to look nice and presentable.”                         - Ben, CEO, Poeta Digital

“It's fun to be down here by the market! MAKERS Workspaces is invigorating. There are a lot of industries nearby that have one thing in common - the space! It never feels boring to come to work.” - Sven, Program Manager, Poeta Digital


“I am able to be quite productive here and there is always a place to go take            a phone call.” - Sven, Program Manager, Poeta Digital

“The cozy feel that MAKERS brings is important. There is balance. A lot of collaboration happens in our office and this space contributes greatly to that.”          - Ben, CEO Poeta Digital

“ Sometimes it’s good ‘cause there is white noise. It’s why I can focus. Sometimes I need a really silent place, but for me, the space at MAKERS helps me be more productive.” - Yoi, Software Architect, Poeta Digital


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