Viaduct Solutions

The entirety of the Seattle is going to be affected by the closure of 99 this January, and we want to help make it as smooth as possible for current and new members to make it to work without too many extra commute pains.



Follow SDOT to learn more about the timeline of events. Beginning January 11th, there will be a 3 week closure before the tunnel officially opens. Click the button below for a “Survival Guide” courtesy of the Seattle Times.



  • If you work at MAKERS, you make your own hours! Upgrade to 24/7 access to come in early or stay late and avoid serious rush hour delays. We are providing free background checks for any new 24/7 access members, and any current members interested in upgrading immediately.

  • Carpool as much as possible, ride buses, or bike to work. Don’t contribute to the problem, which will inevitably see more cars on the 5. We will be arranging carpool groups for anyone traveling long distances to come to work.



MAKERS is partnering with local businesses to provide members with discounts to ride sharing programs for carpooling, outdoor gear for more biking and walking to work, and provide local Belltown residents with a refuge for remote working rather than commuting this month.

Work After Hours

The Viaduct closure has contributed to the launch of our new membership plan: Night Flex*. Want to take this month to only work nights and weekends? This just might be your solution amongst the chaos.

*Orientation and background check are required, and all guests are required to check-in.